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Teens Need Sleep was founded in 2018 by high school student Julia Ammer. The organization hopes to continue to grow and follow its mission. Please join us!

About Julia:

Julia's parents have always emphasized the importance of adequate sleep. They set strict bedtimes for her as a child, but then slowly loosened the reigns as she got older. After being diagnosed with a sleep disorder in 2015, Julia became extra aware of her sleep habits and made it a priority to get sufficient sleep. However, she noticed that many of her peers were not as careful about getting enough sleep. This led her to learn about the global sleep deprivation epidemic among teenagers.

In March 2018, Julia delivered a TEDxYouth talk entitled "Sleep On It", which explained why we sleep and the short-and long-term health consequences of insufficient sleep. She also talked about the sleep deprivation epidemic and proposed to solutions to this problem. This experience, response to her talk, and a health equity summit she attended at the University of Michigan led her to found Teens Need Sleep

In addition to sleep, Julia enjoys learning about many other public health topics. She has a passion for medicine and aspires to become a doctor and/or public health professional. 


Julia presenting at Dexter High School in January 2019


Julia presenting at the Health Sciences High and Middle College's "Day of Understanding" in January 2019

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