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Teens Need Sleep is always looking for ways to expand and spread awareness and knowledge.

Teens Need Sleep uses information sessions, social media, postering, events, and surveys as its main methods of dissemination. We welcome your ideas as well!

Become an ambassador

October 2021 Update: Teens Need Sleep is no longer actively recruiting ambassadors  or presenting. Posters are still available for download and dissemination, and select presentation slides and other materials are available upon request.

Schools provide one way to reach teenagers. If you would like to become a Teens Need Sleep Ambassador and start a chapter at your school, please see the "Contact" page and reach out to us!

Have Teens Need sleep Present at your school

Julia represents Teens Need Sleep and presents at schools for every grade level. Presentations are tailored to the age of the students and are engaging, fun, and informational. If you are interested in having Teens Need Sleep present at your school or in your classroom, please see the "Contact" page and reach out to us.

Teens Need Sleep also hosts informational sessions for parents. Although these are generally held at schools, Julia is also open to other locations.

Posters to print 

Original Posters

Middle School Posters (have middle school sleep recommendations)

Just click on the box to download the posters as PDFs! You can distribute them or hang them up in schools, at the doctor's office, or elsewhere!

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